Climate Change Authority

Climate Change Authority

The Climate Change Authority provides independent expert advice on Australian Government climate change mitigation initiatives. The Authority is established under the Climate Change Authority Act 2011.

Timing of release for the electricity paper and third report of the Special Review

In light of the time taken to form government and appoint the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP as the Minister for the Environment and Energy following the Federal election, the Climate Change Authority has decided with regret that there is no longer time for meaningful consultation on its paper on policies that could be used to reduce emissions in the electricity generation sector, and for the outcomes of that consultation to inform its work for the third report of the Special Review. 

The Authority has therefore decided that it will release the electricity paper and the third report of the Special Review together, by the end of August 2016.

The Authority has made good progress on the Special Review in the election period. The Authority has drawn on submissions on the second report of the Special Review (which was released in November 2015 for consultation) in developing its thinking on policies that could be put in place for the electricity generation sector as well as the broader economy.

The Authority thanks the many individuals and organisations that made submissions on emissions reduction policy during the Special Review.

The third report of the Special Review will cover the policies the Authority recommends that Australia should implement to meet the outcomes of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Wendy Craik AM


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Status of electricity consultation paper

The Authority is very disappointed that a draft of its paper on modelling of policies that could be used to reduce emissions from the electricity generation sector has been leaked to the media.  The Authority took an independent decision not to release the electricity paper, which is not finalised.  The modelling examines seven policies for the period after 2020 but did not examine current climate change policies (the Emissions Reduction Fund and the safeguard mechanism).  Because the report was not finalised, it has not been passed to the Government.

The Authority will finalise the report after the election for consultation.  The outcome of consultations on the electricity paper will inform the Authority’s special review into emissions reduction policies. The final report of the special review will also be released after the election.


Dr Wendy Craik AM


Postponed release of final report of the Special Review

Assuming the Federal election is called for early July 2016, at the request of the Climate Change Authority, the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Greg Hunt MP has agreed to extend the timeframe for the completion of final report of the Climate Change Authority’s special review until after the Federal election. That report will cover the policies Australia should put in place to meet the outcomes of the Paris climate change agreement. 

The extended timeframe for the special review will also allow the Authority to release its paper on policies that could be used to reduce emissions from the electricity generation sector after the election. The outcomes of consultation on the electricity paper will inform the final report of the special review.

The Authority will not offer further comment on these matters at this stage.

For other media enquiries, please contact Aileen Muldoon on 0419 112 503.

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Authority welcomes historic climate accord

The Climate Change Authority today welcomed the historic climate accord reached in Paris at the weekend. As anticipated the agreement commits the signatories to be bound to their individual targets with 5 yearly reviews aimed at strengthening the agreement over time.

Above all, the almost 200 nations have committed to a temperature increase "well below" 2 degrees, putting the science at the heart of the policy framework.

The Authority will consider the outcomes from COP21 in Paris in its 3rd and final report on Australia’s climate policy actions due to be released in June 2016. 

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Draft report of the Special Review: Australia’s climate policy options

The Authority’s second draft report in its Special Review invites a fresh conversation about Australia’s climate policy options. The report looks at the full range of emissions reduction policies, including the various types of emissions trading schemes. It explains how the Authority will evaluate the policy options, based on three key principles: cost effectiveness, environmental effectiveness and equity. The report also looks at how climate policies can affect international competitiveness.

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Authority observations on Australia’s post-2020 emissions reduction target

The Government announced a target of 26‑28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 for Australia on 11 August 2015. This statement sets out the Authority’s observations on the target.

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Final report on Australia’s future emissions reduction targets

The Authority released its Final Report on Australia’s future emissions reduction targets on 2 July 2015. The report recommends Australia adopt a target of 30 per cent below 2000 levels by 2025. The report draws on the Authority’s public consultations and new information since the draft report on targets was released on 22 April.

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Comparing emissions reduction policies for the electricity sector

The Climate Change Authority is analysing the electricity sector as part of its Special Review into Australia’s climate action. This analysis will include modelling of a range of illustrative policies for reducing electricity sector emissions.

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Comparing countries’ emissions targets

This guide helps Australians understand and compare greenhouse gas emissions targets. Countries around the world will announce their post-2020 targets over the coming year. How Australia compares will be a key consideration in the Authority’s upcoming recommendations on Australia’s emissions reduction targets.

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A misty forest.

Review of the Carbon Farming Initiative

The Climate Change Authority released its review of the Carbon Farming Initiative on 22 December 2014.

The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is part of the Commonwealth Government’s response to climate change. It is a national, voluntary scheme that provides incentives for activities that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

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