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Draft report on Australia's climate policy options

The draft report on Australia’s climate policy options considers the various types of emissions trading schemes and other price‑based policies, support for renewable energy and energy efficiency, investment in low emissions technology and efficiency standards. The report poses questions and invites discussion on the merits of different approaches. The Authority invites stakeholders to consider the questions, present evidence to inform the review, and comment on any other matters that they consider relevant to the terms of reference.

Submissions are due by 19 February 2016 and should be sent to

The Special Review terms of reference require the Authority to recommend what action Australia should take to implement the outcomes of the UNFCCC conference in Paris in its final report by 30 June 2016. The Authority must consider whether Australia should introduce an emissions trading scheme; potential effects on the international competitiveness of Australian businesses, and the experiences of other countries with similar policies.

Make a submission

Submissions may range from a short letter outlining your views on a particular topic to a more substantial document covering evidence related to the range of issues covered by the review.

Where submissions are received by the Climate Change Authority after the closing date, the Authority endeavours to have regard to these late submissions.

How to make a submission

The Authority prefers to receive submissions as a Word (.doc) file. PDF files are acceptable, however, to ensure your PDF is as electronically readable as possible, the Authority recommends that the PDF is derived from word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word or Lotus Notes) and not derived from a scanner, fax or photocopying machine.

Track changes, editing marks, hidden text and internal links should be removed from submissions before sending to the Authority. To ensure hyperlinks work in your submission, the Authority recommends that you type the full web address.

Submit your submission documents along with a completed submission cover sheet. For submissions received from individuals, personal contact details (e.g. home and email address, phone and fax number) will be removed before it is published on the web site for privacy reasons.

Submissions are public documents

Each submission will be published on the Authority's web site shortly after receipt. These will remain online indefinitely as public documents.

For submissions made by individuals, all personal details other than your name and the state or territory in which you reside will be removed from your submission before it is published on the Climate Change Authority's web site.

Under certain circumstances, the Authority can accept sensitive material on a confidential basis – for example, if it is of a personal or commercial nature, and publishing the material would be potentially damaging. You are encouraged to contact the Authority for further information and advice before submitting such material. Should you wish to provide confidential material, please do so in a separate section of your submission, marked 'Commercial-in-confidence' or 'Personal-in-confidence'.

Submitting via email

Submitting via post

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Should you require further information about making a submission, please contact the Climate Change Authority on freecall 1800 475 869 or via email at