Climate Change Authority

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Part A Introduction and context

Part A introduces the Targets and Progress Review. In this Review, the Authority makes recommendations to the parliament, through the Minister for the Environment, about emissions reduction goals for Australia. The Authority also reviews Australia’s progress towards meeting these goals, and identifies future emissions reduction opportunities—both within Australia and internationally. In developing its recommendations, and in drawing the conclusions set out in this report, the Authority considered evidence and expert and stakeholder views about a wide range of matters.

Part A examines the context for making decisions about Australia’s emissions reductions goals. It presents evidence about climate science, the impacts of climate change and what is required to meet the global goal to limit temperature rises to below 2 degrees. It then considers global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how global action measures against the global goal and what this means for Australian action.

Part A sets out:

  • the scope of the Targets and Progress Review and the Authority’s approach (Chapter 1)
  • climate science and the likely impacts of climate change on Australia and other countries (Chapter 2)
  • the amount of greenhouse gas emissions the world can emit while preserving a likely chance of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees (Chapter 3)
  • global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its implications for Australia’s emissions reduction goals (Chapter 4).