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List of boxes, figures and tables

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Box 2.1 Emissions reduction activities
Box 4.1 The CDM financial additionality test
Box 4.2 The Alberta barrier test
Box 5.1 Baselines under the CFI (simplified)
Box 5.2 The Clean Development Mechanism and standardisation
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Figure 1.1 Overview of CFI process
Figure 1.2 Overview of CFI governance structure
Figure 1.3 Australia’s emissions by sector, 1990-2012
Figure 1.4 Australia’s projected emissions reduction task
Figure 2.1 Offsets baseline and credit scheme
Figure 3.1 Number of methodologies by project type and status
Figure 3.2 Quantity of emissions and number of projects
Figure 3.3 CDM crediting by project type, 2005-2013
Figure 3.4 Alberta Offsets Program – credits retired for compliance by project type, 2007-2012
Figure 3.5 GGAS – certificates allocated by project type, 2003-2012
Figure 5.1 Static and dynamic baselines
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Table 3.1 Credits issued by the California offsets scheme
Table B.1 Marginal emissions reduction cost under different scenarios, 2020 and 2030 ($/t CO2-e)