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Appendix A Public Consultation

The Authority is required to conduct public consultation for all of its reviews.

The Authority engaged with climate scientists, industry, government and non-government organisations and the general public throughout the course of the Targets and Progress Review.

On 1 March 2013, the Authority held a Global Emissions Budgets Roundtable, which was attended by climate experts and Authority members. A summary of the roundtable, as well as presentations made by the experts who attended, is available on the Authority’s website.

On 23 April 2013, the Authority released an Issues Paper, which can be accessed on the Authority’s website. The Authority made presentations on the Issues Paper at 19 forums around Australia hosted by industry, environment and community organisations. About 70 submissions were received from a wide range of stakeholders as part of the Issues Paper submissions process.

On 12 and 15 August 2013, the Authority hosted stakeholder roundtables on issues relating to the electricity sector.

On 30 October 2013, the Authority released a Draft Report. Feedback was sought from stakeholders on draft recommendations and other issues presented in the report. About 140 stakeholder submissions were received from individuals and organisations, and approximately 12,500 additional submissions were made as part of a GetUp! campaign. The Authority held four stakeholder roundtables in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, and made presentations on the Draft Report at seven stakeholder-hosted or public events. A public webinar was conducted on 13 November 2013.

In addition to specific consultation activities, the Authority conducted less formal consultation with interested parties and government agencies. This included one-on-one meetings with interested stakeholders and regular liaison and collaboration with Commonwealth Government agencies. The Authority also consulted with state and territory government departments.

Public consultation was conducted by the Treasury and DIICCSRTE on the economic modelling conducted to support this Review. Public comments on a range of key assumptions for the electricity, fugitive, transport and agriculture sectors were invited between April and May 2013. DIICCSRTE also held two consultation workshops with sectoral experts and received five public submissions on assumptions.

Public submissions made over the course of the review can be accessed through the Authority’s website. Stakeholders who made submissions to the Issues Paper and Draft Report are listed on the following pages.

List of submitters


ACT Government Environment Sustainable Development

ACT Greens

Act on Climate

AGL Energy Limited

Alan Pears

Ali Rayner

Alinta Energy

Animal Justice Party

Anthony Hudson

ANU Centre for Climate Law & Policy

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association

Australian Aluminium Council

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Energy Market Operator

Australian Industry Greenhouse Network

Australian Industry Group

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Baw Baw Sustainability Network

Bridget McIntosh

Business Council of Australia

C & L Evans

Capricorn Conservation Council

Caroline Le Couteur

Cement Industry Federation

Charlene Grainger

Chelsea Heights EarthCarers

Chris Bailey

Christopher Royal

Clean Energy Council

Climate Action Network Australia

Climate and Health Alliance

Climate Realists

Climate Sense

ClimateWorks Australia

Conservation Council of South Australia

Conservation Councils of Australia


Craig Austin

Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association

Danielle Georgette

Darebin Climate Action Now

Darebin Climate Action Now on behalf of community climate action groups of Australia

Dave Pepper

David Arthur

David Eckstein

David Hamilton

David Margerison

David Rossiter

David Russell

David Strong

David Tranter

David White

Deanna Howland

Doctors for the Environment Australia

Dominic Eales

Don McArthur

Don Young

Dr Colleen Watts

Dr Ian McGregor

Dr Jeremy Moss

Dr John White

Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action

Eastern Melbourne Climate Action Group

Elsa Mardones

Energy Supply Association of Australia


Evan Hunter

Frank Jotzo

Friends of the Earth Australia

Gary Ellett

Gavan Mcdonell


GetUp! campaign submissions (over 12,500 submissions received)

Gillian King

Giselle Wilkinson

Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council

Grattan Institute

Green Building Council of Australia

Gujji Muthuswamy

Harald Winkler

Healesville Environment Watch Inc./C4

Hydro Tasmania

Iain Murchland

Ian Dunlop

Ian Enting

Ian Lowe

Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

Investor Group on Climate Change

Jacqueline Fetchet

James Ness

James Wight

Jane Thompson

Jason Thomas

Jim Allen

Joe Hallenstein

Joel Dignam

John Gare

Julian Stirling

Kate Holmes

Kathryn Skelsey

Kim Peterson

Lachlan Fraser

Leslie Shirreffs

Lighter Footprints Climate Action Group

Logan and Albert Conservation Association

Mark Zanker

Marrickville Council

Matt Mushalik

Meg Sobey

Michael O’Flynn

Mike Wallis-Smith

Minerals Council of Australia

Monash Sustainability Institute

Mornington Peninsula Shire

Natalie Bragg

Nigel Fox

Nimbin Environment Centre

Noel Maud

North Queensland Conservation Council

Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action

Optima Trade Pty Ltd

Origin Energy Limited

Oxfam Australia

Peggy Fisher

Phil Evans

Pranee Howland

Public Health Association of Australia

Quakers Australia

Queensland Conservation

Rathburnie State Nature Refuge

Rebecca Sharpe

Regnan Governance Research & Engagement Pty Ltd

Richard Begbie

Richard Gardiner

Richard Hayward

Rob & Jan Ridgwell

Robin Friday

Roger M Gifford

Roland Riese

Ross Garnaut

Russell Warman

Samantha Cooper


Save the Planet

Shiny Things

Simon Holmes à Court

Simon Thompson


South East Councils Climate Change Alliance

Southern Cross Climate Coalition

Steve Tierney

Sustainable Business Australia

Sustainable Engineering Society

Sustainable Population Australia

Synengco Pty Ltd

The Climate Institute

The National Farmers’ Federation

Tiffany Harrison

Transition Newcastle

Uniting Church in Australia

Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action

William Crowe

William Menzies

William Plain

Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health

Wrights for Action


Yarrow Andrew

Yasir Assam