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Part C Australia’s emissions reduction goals

In this Part, the Authority recommends a coordinated set of emissions reduction goals for Australia for the short, medium and long term. These include:

  • a long term national emissions budget to 2050, which would be subject to regular review; and
  • emissions reduction goals to 2030, consisting of:
    • a 2020 target;
    • a national emissions budget and an indicative national emissions trajectory to 2020; and
    • a medium term trajectory range to 2030.

In this Draft Report, the Authority outlines two options for each of the emissions reduction goals to 2030. The Authority will recommend a single set of goals to 2030 in its Final Report.

There is no formula for determining the right set of emissions reductions goals for Australia as it requires analysis of a range of considerations and judgement on how those factors should be weighed. That said, taking a budget approach provides an important overall constraint – Australia’s short and medium term goals should keep open a feasible path to meeting its long term budget.

In developing its recommendations, the Authority was guided by Australia’s clear interest in limiting global warming to below 2 degrees. As outlined in Part A, this goal remains achievable, but only with strong and immediate global action. It is in Australia’s interest to set emissions reductions goals that support effective global action to limit warming, while retaining the flexibility to refine those goals as additional information becomes available.

In developing its recommended set of goals, the Authority considered evidence and expert and stakeholder views about a wide range of matters, including those the Authority must consider. This Part explores:

  • the form, scope and timeframes for Australia’s emissions reduction goals (Chapter 8);
  • Australia’s fair share of the remaining budget of greenhouse gases the world can emit while preserving a likely chance of limiting global warming relative to pre-industrial levels to below 2 degrees, and the implications of a long term national emissions budget for Australia’s 2020 goals (Chapter 9); and
  • the costs of achieving Australia’s 2020 emissions reduction target and how different targets would affect the Australian economy (Chapter 10).

The evidence presented in this and preceding parts is synthesised into recommendations for Australia’s emission reduction goals in Chapter 11.